Published Articles

Tunnell’s subject matter experts have written a number of informative pieces. Here are a sampling of articles that have been published in leading industry publications.

Overcoming Stressors in Knowledge Transfer

Financial Leadership of Strategic Procurement: 4 Foundational Steps

Contract Service Providers: Part of Your Process!

Strategic Procurement for Emerging Pharmas and Biotechs

Early-Stage Biotechs: What’s Essential and What’s Not

Pharma Process Validation: Initial Conclusions Are Often Deceptive

Keeping Quality Levels High in your CMO Relationships

Betting The House: CDMO Selection For Emerging Pharma

Talent Shortage In Biopharma Demands A Creative Solution

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: Preparing for the Next Disruption

Charlotte Hoffman – One to Watch

Charlotte Hoffman receives Consulting Magazine’s Rising Stars of the Profession “One to Watch” award

Harnessing Lab Deviations For Performance Transformation In Vaccine Manufacturing

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