Published Articles

Tunnell’s subject matter experts have written a number of informative pieces. Here are a sampling of articles that have been published in leading industry publications.

Harnessing Lab Deviations For Performance Transformation In Vaccine Manufacturing

Bill Connell and Dave Stowe discuss the importance of de-risking sourcing

How Emerging Life Sciences Companies Create Value With Suppliers

Edgar Guerzon discusses how to ensure contract organizations are up to standard

The Benefits Of Pharma 4.0 And Validation 4.0

The Lasting Impact Of COVID-19 On Emerging Life Sciences Supply Chain

Are Your Suppliers Supporting Your Growth?

The Art of Coaching and Mentoring in Life Sciences Manufacturing

Jens Kuhn co-authors: Recent successes in therapeutics for Ebola virus disease: no time for complacency

Build CMO Relationships with Effective Management Practices

Contract service providers offer vital services to bio/pharma companies of all sizes

Advocates For AI In The Laggard Life Sciences

Kip Wolf discusses how a lack of coordination and strategy could hamstring the value of AI investments

Canaries In A Coal Mine: Can Better Data Integrity Thwart A Looming Deepfake Threat?

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